SPARK meet every Tuesday from 5:00 - 7:00PM. These sessions alternate between project updates and educational lectures taught by SPARK advisors and experts. The curriculum reflects the needs of our entrepreneurial and scientific community.

The SPARK team has added a new Educational Forum on Entrepreneurship.  The Forums will alternate between scientific and entrepreneurship each month.  The list of topics is outlined below.

Welcome seminar: Expectations for participation in SPARK
Introduction to Drug Development Pathway
Assessing Clinical Need
Project Management Techniques
Building a Target Product Profile (TPP)
Intellectual Property:Working with Tech Transfer Office
Reproducibility of research / When to begin animal experiments
High throughput screening / Follow-­‐on testing to identify leads
Protocol development / Clinical trial design and costs
Biologics Development/ Diagnostics
Selecting Animal Disease Models
Regulatory / Preclinical Toxicology
Pharmacokinetics ADME / Formulations & Routes of Administration
Repurposing molecules
Medicinal Chemistry
History of drug industry
Market analysis/ How to structure a VC pitch
Legal aspects of forming a company
Manufacturing (CMC) considerations

See Spark Education Events for Lecture dates and details