2017/2018 SPARK Forum

September 26th - From Research to the Regulated World - The do's and don'ts in early development, Prof Michael Hildebrand, Friedrich-Schiller University Jena, Managing Director and Founder Hildebrand Pharma Consulting (Flyer link)

October 17th - Funding Options, Dr Frank Stief, Charite Technology Transfer; Prof Richard Kroczek, Comprehensive Cancer Center Charite; Prof Roland Lauster, Institute of Technology TU. (Flyer link)

November 21st - Intellectual Property, Dr Ute Kilger, Boehmert & Boehmert and Dr Klaus-Peter Doepfer, European Patent Office  (Flyer Link)

December 5th - Software Commercialization, Christian Lautner Flying Health and Michael Scherrer, Caterna Vision GmBH

January 9th - Translation / Biobanking, Dr Arndt Schmitz, Bayer and Prof Michael Hummel, Charite

February 13th Female Entrepreneurship, Prof Stefanie Birkner University of Oldenburg and Prof Dolores Schendel, Medigene

* Remark: This Forum will take place in the CCO, Fenster der Wissenschaft

February 27th - Due Diligence, Michelle Scott, Covance

March 20th - Clinical Trial Design, Dr Shremanta Parida, Charite and Prof Antonio Pezzuto, Charite

April 10th - Licensing to a Start-up, Dr Sonia Jost, DexLeChem and Dr Christian Stein, Ascenion

May 8th - Medical Devices, TBD

June 12th - Diagnostics, TBD

July 3rd - Software Commercialization, TBD

Schedule for SPARK Educational Forum 2017/2018 can be downloaded here