2018/2019 SPARK Forum

September 4th - Data Quality and Reproducibility, Prof Ulrich Dirnagl, Charite and Quest, BIH and Prof Christoph Harms, CSB Charite (Flyer link)

September 18th Design Thinking, Jeremias Schmitt (5WX) and Abigail Garner (SPARK-Berlin), ( Flyer Link )

October 2nd - Intellectual Property, Xenia Boergen (BIH/Boergen Law) and Olga Arbach (SPARK-Berlin) ( Flyer Link (232 KB))

November 13th - Biostatistics / High Content Screening, Geraldine Rauch (Charité) and Jens von Kries (FMP) ( Flyer Link (234 KB))

November 20th - Entrepreneurship in Life Sciences, Günter Faltin (Stiftung Entrepreneurship) and Julia Flötotto (DX-Labtrack GmbH) ( Flyer Link (252 KB))

December 4th - Preclinical Drug Development, Marc Nazaré (FMP) and Franz Theuring (Charité) 

January 8th - Regulatory Compliance

January 29th Female Entrepreneurship

March 5th - Clinical Trial Design

March 26th - Due Diligence / Validation

April 9th - Repurposing

May 21st - Funding and Partnering

June 4th - In Vitro Diagnostics Development