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Mentored technology development

An efficient approach

Translating innovative discoveries in medicine has been extremely challenging over the last two decades with an unsatisfactory low percentage of university-based inventions leading to clinically relevant drugs or diagnostic world-wide.  Many blame big pharma who steer away from risky endeavors, while maximizing short-term profits.  However, a careful analysis reveals that the low translatability of academic discoveries is equally due to the lack of robust intellectual property as well as the lack of knowledge, expertise and resources to de-risk and advance academic projects to drug discovery and development.
We have therefore, partnered with ‘Spark at Stanford’ to implement a proven mentoring and education system in Berlin designed to identify and de-risk outstanding academic projects.


  • Educate faculty, fellows, graduate and medical students on the discovery and development process for therapeutics and diagnostics
  • Advance promising research discoveries to the clinic and commercial sector